Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Okay, I know that yesterday I wrote that gay literature is being over-exposed by the gay media. Still, I was honored to learn this morning that my books are to be featured in a new collaborative campaign in which print and electronic gay outlets work to increase literacy among The Gays: "Reading is Hot!"

Granted, I am less enthusiastic about the campaign tagline -- 'Washington pages aren't the only pages we turn over! -- but I've got to work with what they've given me.

So let me give a shout out to all of those who made this possible: The Advocate, Out, Genre, 365Gay.com, PlanetOut, Towleroad, Gay City News, HX, Next, the New York Blade, Window Media, Queerty, Instinct, After Elton, After Ellen, and the new Gay Gawker.

Look for the following promos in upcoming weeks! And remember: Buy the Damn Books!

NOTES: (1) "Reading is HOT!" artwork may not actually resemble the graphics above, which were designed by an anonymous person. (2) "Reading is HOT!" cooperative campaign may, in fact, be made up out of spite, and not an actual cooperative campaign. (3) Nothing in this entry shall be interpreted to indicate that any of the above-listed print and electronic media outlets and/or blogs have any interest whatsoever in reading or the promotion of gay writers or the advancement of the homosexual agenda. Execpt Gawker.

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