Monday, October 02, 2006

For the past two months, a group of us have played an on-line game of trivia from Mondays through Fridays. Uh... before and after work, of course.

Want to play? Just follow the link below. It's fast (figure 50-90 seconds out of your day) and can be fun... especially if you get into the trash-talk going on in the 'Shout Out!' section. Don't worry that you don't know the players... yes, most of us come from the Hell's Kitchen gay bar crowd in Manhattan, but we're very open-minded.

Here are the only things you need to know:

1. Points Awarded are determined on a daily basis based on your score and the number of players. My ex ("spt") has figured out the formula, but I don't have a clue. As far as I'm concerned, you get what you get.

2. Your score is based on the number of questions you get correct (100 points per correct answer) minus the number of seconds it takes you to complete the quiz. For example, today I had 10 correct answers, and took 59 seconds, giving me a score of 941 (1000 - 59).

3. Don't think of this as a one-day game. It becomes a lot more fun as you play over the course of the month, and watch things heat up.

Okay... go get'em, tigers:

Posh Table A Trivia Tournament Daily Trivia

UPDATE: My bad. Link now fixed. No more drunken blogging for me!