Friday, September 22, 2006

Once again with appreciation to John H, I now present my latest plot to dominate the Times bestseller list:

And no, I don't have PhotoShop. So shut up.

In other news:

* Patrick is bored. Please go to the hospital and visit him. Otherwise I'm afraid he's going to call me all. day. long.

* Funny. Also, their parents didn't join the PTA, and see what happened?

* This guy seems to take his name too literally. (And yes, I am ashamed of myself for making that lame-ass joke.)

* I am not seeing many customer reviews. That's not exactly an order; just an observation.

* Congratulations to Lambda Rising on being voted the Best Bookstore in Washington DC in the A-List 2006 poll! And have I mentioned lately that they have a bunch of autographed copies of When the Stars Come Out?

Now please stop bothering me. I have a lot to do today.