Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Today is the official release date of The Gay American's memoir. But you probably didn't know that, because, as the AP reports, The Gay American "has remained publicly silent since resigning as governor" after announcing his Big All-Encompassing Gayness.

In fact, since becoming a Former Governor, you never hear anything about him. Never. It's as if he's ceased to exist.

I imagine it's has been difficult for the Former Governor to adapt to a quiet, anonymous private life. I hope he can once again project the self-confidence and sense of purpose he will need to tell his story to the public.

For his is the story of The Gay American. And we must listen.

PS: You might notice in that AP article that The Gay American was interviewed on Sirius Radio by Bernie Kerik's Former Mistress. That reminds me: remember to tune in to channel 106 tomorrow for Sirius Radio's OutQ in the Morning Show. Rumor has it that a hot young gay author will be on the air.