Friday, September 15, 2006

I feel sorry for the people who come to one of my book parties and don't get their book signed until 8:00 or so. I really do. Hopefully, my signature is passably legible, but I make no guarantees.

So here are the damages:

* 112 guests, to the best of our head-counting abilities
* at least one apparent blogger-on-blogger hook-up
* three names that I couldn't remember
* two forgotten names recovered from memory upon prompting
* 32 or 33 books sold by the staff from the Oscar Wilde Bookshop
* eight or 9 additional books later sold from my private stock
* one unfortunate situation involving alcohol, a toilet, and a long nap
* one person tumbling down the stairs
* one person almost plummeting backwards down the stairs
* two people ending up at the Eagle until 4:00 AM
* one boyfriend and 3 ex-boyfriends
* many photographs, none of which I have seen
* special guest Famous Authors Greg Herren, Andy Zeffer, and Kevin Scott, as well as soon-to-be Famous Author David Puterbaugh
* a batch of bloggers, including Crash, Jase, Boi From Troy, Patrick, Alex, and Beau.
* one Horshack

As they say: good times, good times...