Wednesday, September 20, 2006

The Booklist review of Stars is in. Strangely, it focuses on the set-up to the story, rather than the story itself... but it's all good, so I'm not complaining. Plus, that last sentence will almost certainly find its way onto a book jacket some day...
Smart, wealthy, and good-looking, Noah Abraham should have no trouble meeting someone new. Still, there’s the ennui laced with desperation he feels when faced with the brick wall of his longtime project: interviewing closeted people in D.C. politics for a book he fears will never happen. In New York to see his post-heart attack dad, the famous attorney, Max Abraham, he agrees to take dad’s trophy wife, Tricia, to a gay bar. There she establishes herself as Miss Popularity with the smokers outside, while Noah mopes inside until a handsome stranger makes contact while ordering a drink. Turns out Bart is the personal assistant to former star Quinn Scott, who needs a writer to help craft his tell-all memoirs. Ex-wife Kitty, now a Hollywood force, wants to sabotage this laundering of dirty linen, so the plot thickens delightfully. Byrnes turns out another deftly written and enticingly complex gay romance.

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