Wednesday, October 11, 2006

In reading recent blog entries, I see a pattern emerging:

* August: Famous Author Rob Byrnes schemes to get his name in Gawker Stalker.

* September: Famous Author Rob Byrnes accuses Gawker of anti-gay bias to get their attention.

* September, again: Famous Author Rob Byrnes encourages you to send fake tips to Gawker.

* October: Famous Author Rob Byrnes includes Gawker in a list of gay media, for no other reason than to get their attention, and also because Alex Balk looks sort of like Mario Lopez.

* October, again... this very entry as a matter of fact: Famous Author Rob Byrnes writes that Balk looks like Mario Lopez for no other reason that to blatently suck up.

So what's my epiphany? This: I have turned into the modern, blogger equivalent of Lucy scheming to get into Ricky's show at the club. Except in color. And male. Ish.

Does this bother me? Not really. In fact, I am only posting this because I have an important question for my large and hopelessly devoted readership:

Who wants to be my Ethel?

Seriously. There could be a lot of wacky adventures in our future. Think about it.

UPDATE: Oh, uh, Hey, Gawkerettes! For the record, Balk is totally Joaquin Phoenix. No, really. Look, see? Just like he dresses when he hangs with Denton and Steele!

By the way, I was almost as killed as Alec Baldwin today, so I'd appreciate your sympathy. And by 'almost killed', I mean that it was really inconvenient for me to get home tonight, so I had to go to a bar for a while. You are Gawker-type people, so you understand...