Saturday, March 10, 2007

Okay, I was almost willing to give the Gay Blog Topic O' the Month -- Corporal Matthew Sanchez, USMC -- a mostly free ride. Sure, I got some private jokes in, but I sort of felt sorry for him. I mean, a lot of gay blogs (and my new bugaboo, sheeplike gay blog followers who certainly will clog up the Internet long before the video explosion kills it, by virtue of their volume and sheer repetitiousness of their comments alone) were taking his story and giving it far more weight than it deserved.

In My Humble Opinion. As usual.

But now Mateo, or whatever name he uses in day-to-day financial *cough* transactions, is crumbling under the pressure, and This Must Be Commented Upon. Not because I don't understand the pressure -- I do -- but because his resolve to distance himself from his past has taken a truly ugly turn. He's about one Acme (TM) match short of a Wyle E. Coyote-style explosion.

From his blog. (Read the comments.)

And from The Military Times.

'Sissies'? 'Lady'? Yeah, he is a man. No, a MAN! He is a buff, mean, tough Marine. Grrrrr!

And... oh please. What a wuss. Or... what was that word his buddy Ann Coulter used to describe a wuss? Damn! It seems to have escaped me for the moment.

I am not knee-jerk against the war in Iraq -- or, at least, I wasn't, way back in the pre-'Mission Accomplished' days -- but I do not want this former gay porn supporting actor anywhere near a situation where someone's life is dependent on him. He is clearly too much of an Ann Coulter Word to deal with it. In the streets of Basra, girlishly screaming "You sissies!" in defense of your fellow Marines is just not going to cut it.

[Aside: I wonder if he lisps. If so, would he scream something more like "You thithies!"? Eh. Sorry for the aside.]

Oh, and Alan Colmes apparently kicked his ass in an interview. How ashamed must he be? That's like getting pwned by Mr. Rogers.

[Aside #2: I am 48 years old and just typed 'pwned.' I am ashamed. Too much Fark, I think. And sorry for the second aside.]

Long short: Matt, turn offf the computer and say goodbye to the TV cameras. With every letter you type, you make yourself look like a huge dick... and not in the '11 inches' kind of way. It's too bad... I had hoped you were just a guy who was finding yourself, and would weather this storm with a bit of dignity. Instead, you keep burning your dignity and making an ass of yourself.

By the way, should you read this -- and it seems these days you are all Technorati, all the time, so you probably will -- I want it to be known that, as I write this, there is a plaque on the bookcase next to me. The inscription notes that I was my local political organization's 'Conservative of the Year' in 1984-85. While my political philosophy has shifted a bit over the past twenty years, the plaque is on the bookcase and I don't deny it, nor do I deny that it was an important time in my life. Yes, I changed a bit, but deny my past? Hell no. I'm proud of the pieces that made me a whole.

Now stop being such a big Ann Counter-defined 'faggot' -- and especially stop lashing out with the sort of idiotic homophobic comments that got you into this mess -- and start acting like the man you claim to be.

The End.

(Or IS IT?!)