Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A free drink goes to the first person who can make sense of these sentences:
Now, we don’t want to say this site’s totally phony, but you know something’s up when you can make a wills start at $69. If you’re making a will for under a hundred dollars, well, you should probably just write it on toilet paper.
ESL: it's a beautiful thing.

In all fairness to the Q-Word (and cleaning up their lack of command of the English language, which makes me think that, oh, photoblogging might be a better fit for them), they are more than matched by the blog that spawned it, Jossip:
Judge Lance Ito went on to be confused for another bearded Asian man outside of a gay club in L.A. Marica Clark is a special correspondent for Entertainment Tonight. And Robert Shapiro is now hawking cheapo legal services:
A few corrections:

1. Lance Ito wasn't confused for another bearded Asian man. Another bearded Asian man was confused for Lance Ito. There is a huge difference, morons.

2. 'Marica Clark' spells her name 'Marcia.' Morons.

3. Don't end a sentence with a colon. It makes you look like morons.

The frightening thing is that this is what passes for clever commentary these days on the Internet. Our culture is truly doomed.

Oh, and to put an end to concern over Robert Shapiro's hucksterism, remember: Melvin Belli guest-starred in Star Trek. And somehow the legal system didn't collapse.