Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm with Greg Herren. Because if we don't hang together... ah, you know the rest of it.

Punishing authors for the sales practices (common practices, by the way) of their publishers is despicable. I'm not going so far as to demand my books be returned, but if this is the way Kensington authors are going to be treated by a certain independent bookstore, then fuck them. I just wish the manager had had the balls to tell me the truth a few weeks ago, instead of being a wuss and claiming his schedule was booked.

Go buy Andrew Beierle's novel First Person Plural... go buy Timothy James Beck's When You Don't See Me... go pre-order When the Stars Come Out.

There are a number of author-friendly booksellers out there. If a gay bookstore won't support gay authors, then don't support them.

UPDATE: I stand by my words, of course: if gay booksellers want gay authors to support them, they have to reciprocate. That being said, I understand that my publisher is working to resolve this situation, so I will take a step back to see how things shake out. I am skeptical this can be easily remedied -- they put their idiotic anti-Kensington author policy in writing, ferchrisssakes -- but I am willing to let diplomacy run its course.

To be continued.

UPDATE #2: I have been advised that I wasn't lied to when originally told that November was booked, and I will accept that as the truth. I regret the error, although it was a reasonable assumption on my part.