Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From Gawker:
Perhaps you've been lucky enough never to have a friend or family member die young, commit suicide, or suffer from a fatal addiction, but that doesn't mean you have to rub your soulessness, sociopathy and inability to love in our faces. True, Heath Ledger was and is a celebrity, and that gives the American people the god given right to mock his wardrobe and his recent choice of girlfriends. But sometiems we forget that while celebrities are celebrities in life, they are ordinary people in death. They leave behind grieving families, and in the case of Heath, a two-year-old daughter. The fact that Heath starred in The Patriot (which rules) and lived a glamorous life does not make his death glamorous. It makes his death sad. And it makes you tipsters assholes.
The past 24 hours of Gawker by the numbers:

* Number of Posts About Heath Ledger: 21
* Number of Posts Allegedly from Outside the Death Scene: 5
* Number of Posts Speculating About Suicide: 7 (minimum)

Kids, if you're all about wringing ad revenue from Heath Ledger's cold corpse, have a ball. But please don't lecture anyone else about what's appropriate or decent. Your hypocrisy is more than a little bit glaring.

UPDATE: The Gawker post has been deleted. Buh-bye!