Tuesday, February 12, 2008

From the New York Daily News:
Over the years, there have been numerous examples of lottery winners whose millions have brought them misery.

The best known example is the Hurley character of the hit ABC series "Lost," who comes to believe that his good fortune sparked a chain reaction of tragedy.
I'm thinking the reporting staff at the News might want to check out this article (via NDT). It seems to me that, in a real world that includes Jack Whittaker, there are better examples out there.

Then again, what do I know? I read the New York Post. Which reminds me:

this cartoon from today's paper is neither clever nor cutting, and is lame for even lameass half-wit homophobe Sean Delonas. Still making the same joke about Heather Mills's one-leggedness after all these years? Yeah, the twit is earning his salary.

Coming tomorrow: a cartoon about Hurley from Lost winning the real-life MegaMillions. Remember: you read it here first.