Thursday, March 06, 2008

Hmm. It seems I have a MySpace page. I don't remember doing that, let alone when I did it... let alone why. I guess this means I probably shouldn't play on the Internet while under the influence.

(That, and those messy-silly or messy-belligerent or just plain messy replies to work e-mail at 11:30 PM. Yeah, I've definitely got to cut down on that. Maybe I'll start next week.

But anyway, my new (I suppose) MySpace page is out there, and the entire world can now see I have no friends. So if you have a MySpace account, please ask me to be your friend. Then we can do fun things like leaving each other St. Patrick's Day animated gifs of leprechauns dropping their pants, and rummaging through the other's list of friends to see if there's anyone we can poach.

While you're at it, I'm also looking kind of lame on Facebook. Just sayin'.