Friday, March 07, 2008

So in a few weeks, I will be returning to the family's forty acres in Western New York. Two reasons: parental health concerns, and an event that I can't detail here because I don't know who might be reading this blog. (With literally tens of daily readers, how can I be expected to keep up?)

The Top Secret Event will require me to travel to the metropolis of LeRoy, New York, on Saturday night. Now the problem with LeRoy is that it's, well... not really near anything:

Nope. Not near anything at all. It would probably take an hour to get back to the Byrnes Mansion (in the Rochester suburbs just north of Victor; which you can find on the map if you really care enough) and Buffalo is not only as far away, it's in the opposite direction of my planned escape route due east on Sunday.

Which is why I found myself Googling for motels near LeRoy. Of which there are approximately none, so I'll have to improvise when we get closer to the date.

Still, my research paid off in a very important way. Because LeRoy is not without its attractions.

In fact, I'm already planning to extend my trip for a few more days so that I can fully enjoy The Jell-O Museum without feeling rushed. Don't worry; you'll get a postcard.

File this entry under "Don't You Wish You Were Me?"