Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Circa 1977, a group of friends and I decided to audition for a Rochester-area community theater production of "Anything Goes." We had just done the show in high school, where I played the bishop, meaning I was on stage for 4 seconds, then went back to the chorus.

This time, I was determined to hit the big time. By Rochester-area community theater standards, at least. And this is the song I sang at the audition:

I nailed that song. No, I nailed it. My friends -- waiting outside the room -- heard me, and said I'd never sounded better. And back then I didn't smoke and could hear better -- plus they were the sort of evil people who loved taking loving swipes at their friends, much like my friends today -- so I think I did.

But then the community theater people asked me to show them how I danced.

Yeah... my rhythm is fascinatin'...

You might have noticed that I express my creativity by writing these days. Ah well... community theater's loss is light gay lit's gain, I guess.