Thursday, July 10, 2008


...some of you Hillary Clinton supporters have to get a grip and grow up.

Don't e-mail me anymore thinking I'm your anti-Obama advocate. You are misreading my message. I am PRO-Obama. I just want his more idealistic supporters to take a chill pill and get over the 'purity' idea, because politicians can only be 100% pure if they're aiming for, oh, .006% of the vote.

I wrote months ago that I like the idea that Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton -- and John McCain, for that matter -- can work with politicians across the aisle. That is, by definition, the sign of a statesman (person? whatever.) That is what this country needs right now.

Politics is a tough, tough game. And it's not the Special Olympics, so you can't all win. Hillary lost; be sad. Then get up and do the right thing.

As a white male. maybe I'm not the one to be saying this. Especially as a white male who, for whatever reason, eschewed the white male candidates and supported (1) a latino; then (2) a woman; then (3) a black (yeah -- mixed-race, but we all know that anyone who's less than 100% white is the minority in this race-obsessed culture). But I'll say it anyway.

Are you so mad at Barack Obama you'd vote for McCain? Say hello to Samuel Alito contolling your uterus.

Are you so mad at misogyny you'd vote for McCain? Say hello to Clarence Thomas controlling your right to privacy.

Are you so mad at those disqualified Florida delegates you'd vote for McCain? Say hello to Antonin Scalia controlling your right to free assembly.

Are you so mad at those disqualified Michigan voters you'd vote for McCain? Say hello to John Roberts controlling your election results.

Former Hillary Clinton supporters, I do not want to paint (nor do I think of) John McCain as a devil. But he is not your friend, politically, and you have got to get over yourselves. The 2008 election will not be 'The Perfect Choice' (none of them has been), but it will be a clear choice. Do the right thing.

Also? The e-mails about 'getting those Obama people'? Again, you misread. Please read again, then re-read this post.