Monday, July 28, 2008


Okay, we all know that spam is annoying and potentially dangerous. Still, I have to give props to the spammers who are clearly working overtime to bring us entertaining subject lines.

A few entries that appeared in my spam folder over the weekend:

McCain Diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer
Batman is Gay
China Bans Black Athletes from Olympics
Angelina Jolie Pregnancy: It Was All a Hoax
McCain Will Promote the Takeover of America
Both Obama And Mccain Claim That They Will Deport Elton John

and my personal favorite:

Angelina Set to Destroy Own Vagina

Too bad they go through all the work just to get mass-deleted... although I do kind of want to know how Angelina was going to destroy her own vagina.

And if Elton John was somehow involved, because, yeah, that would be a deportation.