Sunday, July 20, 2008


Had Christopher Walken not killed her*, today would have been Natalie Wood's 70th birthday. In her honor:

And while we're suddenly on the subject of "Gypsy," you know what they say: If you're in pubeerty, you'll love the kids at Queerty. (That rhyme sucked; damn them for grabbing an unrhymable name!!!!)

Anyway, my point was... ya gotta have a gimmick:

And at the risk of overkill, here's a more recent and, regrettably, polished version... regrettable because these strippers are supposed to be on the lowest wrung. Still, it works as theater.

So Happy Natalie Wood Birthday, everyone!

Oh, and the asterisk?
* -- Dear Christopher Walken and Christopher Walken's lawyers: that was a JOKE!!!!