Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Sure. No doubt in my mind, and very, very newsworthy.

And before I forget to mention it, yesterday I got e-mail from someone known only as 'Bill' who told me his ex-boyfriend told him that in 1987 he picked up Newt Gingrich in a gay bar in Boise and they made sweet, sweet love, until Newt's secret lover Bill O'Reilly broke down the hotel room door and there was a violent fistfight. And later, when Bill's ex-boyfriend and Newt went to the Rite Aid to get bandages, the management kicked them out because they were obviously gay, but before leaving Bill's ex-boyfriend and Newt noticed that the manager, Tom Marquez, was wearing nothing but a leather harness and high heels. Also, Rush Limbaugh was there, and Bill's ex-boyfriend thought he was organizing a fishing party until Rush corrected him and said it was a fisting party, so Bill's ex-boyfriend decided not to go but he saw Antonin Scalia's name on the guest list.

I can't believe that almost slipped my mind. I think I'll start a Facebook group about it.