Sunday, November 02, 2008


Oh, lord. Not to be All About Victoria Jackson/All the Time, but... yeesh!

Unless I can't find it (possible, because I am the Sad Grandpa of blogger types), there's no timer on this video. But she is right wing-but-charming and a bit funny for approximately the first quarter of her presentation. I don't agree, of course, but that shit doesn't bother me. Recognizing that there will always be The Righties, I'd rather have funny, amiable ones that, say, 150 of the current members of congress and their Earth Mother, the governor of Alaska.

Then -- as they say -- it gets weird. But judge for yourself.

God, please put this woman on the next national Republican ticket! Amen!

UPDATE: I just spent over an hour watching that drivel. My head hurtss. I should be working for Media Matters or something. For your own safety, save it for a period when you have a block of free time.