Sunday, April 26, 2009


By now, you've seen this photo so much that it probably no longer registers with you.

Yes, it's me. But it's me in the spring of 2001. A lot of time has passed but, on my book jackets (and blog... and Facebook and...) I have remained forever 42 years old.

So a few weeks ago, I did something about that. And now there is a new Official Famous Author Rob Byrnes Head Shot:

And here are some of the runners-up:

The judges said: "Too serious."

The judges said: "These are great if you're running for office. Not so great for a book jacket or poster."

The judges said: "These would be perfect for the day job, but maybe too formal for the book business."

The portraits, by the way, were taken by Ron Jautz of Jautz Photography. He is not responsible for any weight gain, hair loss, or general physical disintegration.