Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I haven't looked at my referrals lately, so... what have we here?

Yep. All kinds of strange.

"Billy Hufsey fucking"? "Sean Penn disembowel"? "Doris Roberts bitch"? "Famous mouth breathers"?

I have the most awesome readers EVER!

But... I can't help you. Billy and I share a birthday, but we haven't shared sex tips. I think he's probably straight. Not that that would prevent him from fucking, but it would probably make me tune out if he was telling me about it.

As for Sean, well... this ain't a snuff blog. Yet. Come back in a few months when I'm really desperate for readers.

Oh, and Doris Roberts probably is a bitch, but -- again -- I have no first hand knowledge. You might want to ask Billy Hufsey.

And I also no longer write about Queerty. So you'll have to find your mouth-breathers on another blog. (Was that mean? My bad.)

But don't give up all hope. I can help you on one search item: "you gave me a chubby."

And so The Paperboy Story reemerges.

Thank you, random Googlers, for helping me feel young and vital for one more last time!