Thursday, April 15, 2010


"...(L)et's face it, Drew, you and Frank were mismatched from the start. You had almost nothing in common except a mutual attraction, and mutual attractions don't last forever. Trust me on that. I mean... the guy wasn't even gay!"

"Oh, I think he was gay. Well... sort of."

"With you, maybe. Which wouldn't make him the first heterosexual to experiment, would it?"

"It just seems like we've gone through too much to have it end this way," I said, not answering her question and still trying to rationalize the relationship.

She sighed again. "I'm not saying you didn't go through a lot, Drew. But we all go through a lot every day. We're New Yorkers. It's our

We're New Yorkers. Right. And everyone knows that the average New Yorker's day is spent dodging bullets while being indiscreetly watched by cops and robbers, all while streaking up the New York Times Best-seller List as an overnight -- literally -- success story, thanks to an on-air endorsement from an extremely popular radio shock jock.

Right. I was living a New York life, right down to the tapped phone and the bruised ribs.


from The Night We Met

Kensington Publishing Corp.
September, 2002

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