Saturday, April 10, 2010

50 EXCERPTS: The Introduction

Since I'm making a series of public appearances over the next six weeks or so (New York City, April 22; Chicago, May 4; New Orleans, May 13-17 -- so mark your calendars) and doing some writer-ish things this spring (Saints & Sinners Literary Festival; Lambda Literary Awards), I thought it would be a good time to introduce and reintroduce you to my work.

Because you really should be buying more of my books. Like, now.

So starting today and continuing for the next fifty days, I'll be uploading a short excerpt from one of my novels, short stories, or (possibly) works-in-progress, as well as revolving links to booksellers where said works can be purchased for a modest price that's probably less than you'll blow on heroin on any given night.

You see, people? I am going this For Your Health! You're welcome.

Questions? A favorite short passage? You know where to find me...