Thursday, August 28, 2003

Actually, I returned two days ago, but I've had a very difficult time exiting Vacation Mode.

So Rehoboth Beach was nice. Not nearly as gay as I had expected, but that's fine. (Living in Manhattan, sometimes I need to be reminded that not every male under the age of 50 is gay.) And it was great to spend the better part of a week with the boyfriend. We've now been a long-distance couple for five months, and this was our longest stretch of togetherness. I'm happy to report that we not only survived all that togetherness, but we thrived. In fact, those seven days passed far too quickly.

I want to go back. Now!

Anyway, in the few hours I've been back from vacation, my week of relaxation has been completely undone, and I'm tenser and pissier than ever.

Did I mention that I want to go away on vacation yet?

More later...