Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Aaron points out that maybe I was just a bit too hard on Jonah Goldberg in yesterday's posts, and I'll concede the point. In fairness to Jonah, he is a conservative who has been generally notable in his non-hostility to the gay population. Yes, he opposes gay marriage, but he has recognized that there should be a civil alternative.

I think that's why his comments in NRO's The Corner yesterday pissed me off. I expected better from him than the equivalent of a cheap shot.

I'm hardly a Gay Separatist, but -- at the risk of repeating myself -- it's comments like his that remind me that there are a lot of people out there who not only Don't Get It, but Refuse to Get It.

At a certain point, the truly evil and the clueless share common ground. When well-meaning moderates buy into right-wing mythology/demonology, no good can result.

(Great. Now I just pissed myself off again. I shouldn't do politics first thing in the morning...)