Wednesday, November 05, 2003

How soon they forget. Remember all the hoopla a few months ago about Jim Morrison, a Democrat running for the New Jersey State Senate who, it so happens, was not only a former contestant on The Mole, but also a two-time winner of a "Prettiest Penis" contest?

(And not to be too catty here, but the penis must have looked a hell of a lot better than the face. Know what I mean?)

Anyway, the rest of the world has forgotten him, but here at TRL -- your source for breaking news -- I don't forget. I have diligently searched thousands of records, and can now report that Morrison was defeated by a margin of better than two-to-one. Actually, that's more than a defeat. It's sort of a major beating.

But at least he still has his penis. And if "Prettiest Penis" is the only election he'll ever win, well... he's still doing better than many others.