Wednesday, November 05, 2003

No, not Haley Barbour. Not Ernie Fletcher. It's Paul Wenger. The Onion has the story:

Karl Rove Ensures Republican Elected As Student Body President

McALLEN, TX—Thanks to the intervention of White House political
advisor Karl Rove, McAllen East Middle School elected a Republican
student body president Monday. "I'd like to give a special shout-out
to Mr. Rove, for helping me beat [incumbent president] Luis Mendes,"
Paul Wenger said in his victory speech. "Thanks to him, I was totally
able to expose Luis' idea of using candy funds to buy uniforms for
needy students. As your president, I'll make sure that that money
goes back into the school, where it belongs—and into the biggest
pizza party that McAllen East has ever seen." Rove denied any
involvement in the election.

Speaking of elections, thanks for asking, but my sister went down to not-unexpected defeat last night in her campaign for re-election as a Rochester City Court Judge. Hey -- sometimes the best candidate doesn't win. I know, because on more than a few occasions, I've been responsible for that.