Monday, January 05, 2004

I almost hate to weigh in, because this is already so overblogged that its fifteen minutes are zipping past at a blinding rate comparable to, well, fifteen nonmetaphorical minutes. Think "Chicken of the Sea"! Think "Paris Hilton Sex Tape"! Think "Gawker Stalker"!

But just for the record, the fact that Britney married a guy named Jason Alexander has provided some very creative people some very juicy fodder. For instance:

CityCynic has the marriage license application.
(Via Gothamist)

Low Culture has the wedding photo.

UPDATE: Bunsen has an IM session with Britney Spears's Downward Career Trajectory ("fred durst wont even lie about u this year")

As for me, I'll only note that Britney is fortunate that there were no invitations to mail out.

Okay, I'll note one other thing. Actually, I'll steal Andrew Sullivan's words instead, 'cause I'm running short on time:

We live a world in which Britney Spears just engaged in something "sacred" (in the president's words), where instant and joke hetero marriages and divorces are a subject of titillation, and where a decades-long monogamous lesbian marriage is a threat to civilization as we know it. Please. Can we have a smidgen of consistency here?