Wednesday, December 24, 2003

I got brave this afternoon and coded. Scary, right? Maybe next week I should perform eye surgery or something.

But now, at least, I've slightly broken away from the Blogger template. I like the new look, although it still needs some tweaking.

It's cleaner... more aesthetically pleasing. Well... to me, at least. And I look at it a lot more than anyone else, so I know these things.

If you like, let me know. If you prefer a generic Blogger template, well... there's always Andrew Sullivan. Although Andrew asks you for money, and I'm too lazy.

And Merry Christmas. (I wish I was less tired from work, and therefore better able to satirize the season, but I'm not.) I love you guys -- especially those who have bought one of my books -- and look forward to a lot of fun in the future.

Maybe I'll do something clever for New Year's Eve. I mean, I owe you entertainment, right?