Monday, March 01, 2004

Steve Dunleavy, the New York Post's resident drunkard, always manages to mystify me, but he's managed to outdo himself today:

"What if same-sex marriages become officially recognized. Same-sex divorce, too. In most severances of heterosexual marriages, the man, usually the breadwinner, is the payer of alimony, and the woman is the payee - although there are, of course, exceptions.

"But in same-sex marriages, who is the breadwinner? Who is the man? Who is the woman? Who is the dominant partner? That is something I would not like to see argued in a court."

This whiskey-soaked bozo is kidding, right?

Memo to Dunleavy: get off your bar stool at Langan's and come join the rest of us in 2004.