Saturday, April 10, 2004

Karen Hughes is starting to give the official TRL candidate John Derbyshire a run for his money in the Honorariest Homo Poll. While I admit that Ms. Hughes seems to be particularly, uh, suspect, a little birdie has tipped me off to a web site chock full of Derb quotes that make it clear he is worthy of this title, including:

"Let us consider what is in people's minds - - - when homosexuality is mentioned? Buggery, that's what."
- John Derbyshire, April 25, 2001

"More to the point - - - is a widespread revulsion, found in both genders, all times and all places and cultures,
towards the man who plays the part of a woman."
- John Derbyshire, April 25, 2001

"There is a fundamental human contempt towards a man who permits himself to be penetrated"
- John Derbyshire, April 25, 2001

"Even those penetrations consented to and not forced lower the status of the person so penetrated ...
The penetrator is engaging in an act of domination, desecration and humiliation of another ..."
- John Derbyshire, April 25, 2001

"Women expect a certain amount of penetration as coming with the territory of femaleness ... "
- John Derbyshire, April 25, 2001

Come on, folks, he wrote all these quotes on a single day! Between the quotes and this picture

isn't this the man you'd like to see wearing the Honorary Homo Tiara? Karen Hughes was never so deserving!

Once again, vote Derb! NOW!