Thursday, April 29, 2004

Nice way to start the day when the Chairman of your Board of Directors phones to say that he's convening a meeting of the Executive Committee to discuss issues, and you know that you're the issue because you're not invited to the meeting. Right? That's the sort of thing that really makes you treasure the 60 hours a week or so you spend at the office.

Not to worry, kiddies. I'm very, very busy and pissed that I have to contend with this distraction, but I'm not planning on going anywhere. I'm confident that this is a one-man jihad, not a serious performance problem.

Still, the organ-grinder wants some dancing, so I'll dance. Dance and have revenge fantasies... but dance.

Therefore, it's doubtful you'll be hearing from me for a few days. If you miss me terribly, send e-mail. If not, don't.

PS: I'm planning on unwinding this evening, 'cause (a.) I'm annoyed and (b.) it's GDW. Er... that's 'Good Drinking Weather' for you, the uninitiated. If you'd care to join me in the 6:00 range, I'll be at Posh.