Friday, May 14, 2004

I am now almost to the end of the work week... perhaps the longest work week of my life. I have spent the past five days either buried in work, excruciatingly tense, or both. Mostly both.

But now I see that light at the end of the tunnel, welcoming me through the dark passage.

"Come to Happy Hour," it says. "It's Friday, your boyfriend is in town, and it's GDW."

Of course I don't answer it. Who talks to patch of light? I mean, even if you hear the light speaking first, that would be sort of weird, right?

But still, in a half-hour or so, I will turn off my computer, lock up the office, and depart for a place where I can hang out on a tiny porch with 93 other homosexuals and drink and smoke to my heart's content. Yay.

Oh yeah: and Bradykins is in town, too. Yay.

And I'll spend a blissful Friday night, Saturday and Sunday putting the darkness of this past week behind me.

Just in time to enter the next tunnel on Monday morning.