Tuesday, May 11, 2004

1. Why was the word 'defenestrate' created? Who thought we needed a specific word to describe throwing something out a window? Realistically, more objects probably get thrown out doors, but we don't have a special word for that act, do we? Hmmm... maybe I'll make one up. When I have a few spare minutes.

2. I see that Kinja is still no longer including TRL in its gay digest. It used to. Have I become less gay than I was last week? Am I post-gay?

3. In my short blogging experience I've been linked to by A Small Victory, Buzz Machine, TMFTML, Queer Day, Gothamist, Lance Arthur, Wonkette, and the late, great Let Me Get This Straight. Each time one of the Popular Kids links to me, the number of visitors to TRL goes through the roof. My question is: is it wrong for me to get off on that?

4. It would be appropriate for IKEA to sell Swedish Fish.

5. I wish my first name was Christopher. Christopher Ryan Byrnes. Yes, that would be a good name. I also wish that I was a few inches shorter. I also can't begin to tell you why I wish either of those things.

6. I know it makes me sound really old when I tell people I started working for the New York State Assembly when Hugh Carey was still governor, but I can't help myself.

7. I'm loving the new and improved Blogger.

8. Right about now members of my Board of Directors are meeting with Captain Queeg my Chairman to determine my fate. Huh.

9. If I remember correctly, in the song "Welcome to the Theater" from the musical Applause, one lyric is:
You'll be a bitch,
But they'll know your name
From New York to Kokomo.

Kokomo is barely one-third of the way across the nation from New York, so what's the big deal? That's not fame. Fame is being known at least as far away as Provo, Utah, I would think.

10. I wish I was on a beach.