Monday, May 03, 2004

It will be a light blogging week. Somehow, I don't think that will impact on your life too much. However, I had a fairly relaxing weekend, so maybe I'm rested enough to tough it out through the upcoming week.

I must note for the record, though, that last Friday was the worst. The. Worst. Not only was work a ten-hour hellhole of soul-killing hate, but I then had to stand on Amtrak halfway to Washington, only to have Bradykins arrive at Union Station almost a half-hour late. (And baby... you know I love you, but -- if you're reading this -- don't ever do that again. Not even on days in which I'm in a good mood.) And then... well, let's just say that by Saturday morning, peace of mind had returned. And all that matters was that Friday was over.

Oh, by the way, bloggers are everywhere! The first person I saw in JR's on Friday night was Aaron Bailey. Small world, right?