Wednesday, June 02, 2004

No, this isn't another entry about TRL's delisting from Gay Kinja. That ranks about 14,854 in the list of things that occupy my time. And, as Mike recently pointed out, a lot of people who have been blogging a lot longer than I've been around aren't included in the digest.

I even sort of understood it when Gay Kinja included only the 'gay' posts at the BoiFromTroy's site. It is a gay web log digest, after all.

But now, I'm mystified. Gay Kinja has seemingly become a digest of... everything posted at Fleshbot. Gay, straight, it doesn't seem to matter. If Fleshbot ran a list of phone numbers, it would appear in the Gay Kinja digest.

I mean, what's gay about Lindsay Lohan's thong lines? (Except that Chrisafer was the source, which I'm sure he'd agree doesn't make it Officially Gay.)

Or Britney's boobs?

Or even this? (Which is all kinds of wrong -- in a funny way, sort of -- but even Rick Santorum hasn't compared it to homosexuality. Yet.)

I know, I know, I know. Kinja and Fleshbot are both children of Denton. I also firmly believe that anyone has the legal right to do whatever they want with their own web sites.

But if Gay Kinja -- or any of the other Kinja digests -- are going to have any use (or purpose) at all, someone over at Gawker Media is going to have to work the bugs out.

(By the way, that's someone else's job. My job is merely to complain.)