Monday, July 19, 2004

A few days away from the computer, and what do I find?  Well, for one, new Blogger toys.  Fun, yes, and geared to making life easier for the idiots out there.  Starting with me.
But these bells and whistles are just asking for abuse.  Allowing bloggers the option of changing their font sizes and colors is frightening.  Please, fellow bloggers: for the love of all that is sacred, resist the urge to be clever!  If God had meant for us to have huge magenta type, He would have invented it before Blogger did.
In other news:
  • I have now met the internationally-famous Chrisafer.  Delightful.  And as Chris notes on his own blog, our respective boyfriends will most likely be forming a Blog Widows club.  I think they'll need a group blog for Blog Widows.
  • I learned that the New York Times will run a short excerpt from Trust Fund Boys in an upcoming Sunday City section, which is very cool news.  No, I don't know what the excerpt will be.  We can all be surprised together.
  • Jeff at Gatsby's Ghost writes that the InsightOut book club envelope this month promises "New scorchers from Dave Benbow, Rob Byrnes..."  Bless their hearts.

By the way, the bullets are one of the new Blogger features.  But it's okay if I use them, as long as they aren't accompanied by huge magenta letters.  (I loves me my bullets.)