Tuesday, September 28, 2004

This morning, my office e-mail hosting company dropped me a note that read in part:
In an effort to improve the quality your email server, we have decided to set a limitation to the amount of hard disk space each email account is entitled to. This limit will be 50 megabytes per user... If you are using Microsoft Outlook, please check to make sure that you are not using the 'Leave a copy of my messages on the server' option, as that will cause your webmail account to eventually reach it s quota unless you regularly empty it.

Since I do use Outlook, and since I do save copies of incoming e-mail on the server, I decided to comply with the request. I turned off the 'leave messages on server' option.

No one told me I should have first deleted all the old e-mail from the server.

As I write this, 1249 old messages, which had been stored on the server, have been downloaded to my in-box. And it's only gotten through April 24.

Sigh. I guess I know how I'll be spending my afternoon. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete. Delete...