Friday, September 24, 2004

Celebrities are more fun than red states and pigeon poop, so I think I'll stay on that topic. Especially since I was struck by the following thought this morning while sipping coffee and trying to beat back my hang-over watching the news:

When did Elton John turn into the cranky old man down the street who keeps your baseball when it rolls into his yard and calls the cops when your music is too loud?

I mean, really! I don't partricularly care if he bitches at reporters, but the physical transformation is astounding. Just look:

He's turning into Gale Gordon with earrings.

Scary. Elton better watch it, or I predict that in about three weeks we'll hear him calling talk radio programs or throwing things at ball-players from the bleachers.

Or maybe he'll riot. That would be sort of funny to see.