Thursday, September 23, 2004

This is an interesting survey, comparing your personality traits with your perceptions of the personalities of Bush and Kerry.

In case you wondered:
Here are your scores on each of these five psychological variables. The scores can range from 1 to 5.

Extraversion: 2.75
Agreeableness 4.125
Conscientious: 3.125
Emotional Stability: 3.75
Openness: 3.625

In this research we are interested also in how you view the personalities of politicians. Here are the overall scores you provided for each candidate.

Extraversion: Bush-3.875; Kerry-3.5
Agreeableness: Bush-3.75; Kerry-3.5
Conscientious: Bush-2.25; Kerry-3.5
Emotional Stability: Bush-4; Kerry-3.75
Openness: Bush-1.75; Kerry-3.625

Our primary interest, however, is understanding whether people are more likely to endorse candidates who they see as being similar to themselves. (Or, conversely, whether people see as themselves as they see the candidates whom they endorse.) To answer this question, we have computed the overall similarity between the ratings you provided for yourself and the ratings you provided for both Bush and Kerry.

Candidate Dissimilarity score
Bush 0.9
Kerry 0.35

Higher numbers indicate greater dissimilarity. According to these computations, you viewed your own personality as being more similar to that of John Kerry. Interestingly, you also endorse Kerry over Bush.

I gave Kerry's personality the same score as I give my own for 'openness,' which loosely translates into creativity. How did that happen?

(Via Sullivan)