Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Forgiving him his Dick Cheney-Daddy fetish, Andrew Sullivan has been a strong and consistent voice calling Republicans on their anti-gay rhetoric and hypocrisy through this election season. Now he's blegging for a little help:
We've been inundated these past few days by Republicans bemoaning John Kerry's alleged gay-baiting in this campaign... They've referred to Kerry's comments in clear and bold terms: "indecent," "shameless," "outrageous." I have a simple question. Does anyone have a single leading Republican voice objecting to Republican Senate candidate Jim DeMint's statement that gays should be barred from teaching in public schools? Has any leading conservative criticized the RNC flier claiming that a vote for Kerry would mean banning the Bible and forcing gay marriage on the entire country? Has any leading conservative columnist criticized some of the anti-marriage state amendments because of their vast scope and banning of any protections for gay couples?

You probably can't help him, because it probably doesn't exist. But if any of you with a lot of time on your hands and/or a vested interest in making Republicans look good less bad (*cough* not naming names *cough*) have any information, I'm sure he'd love to set the record, er, straight.