Monday, November 01, 2004

And while you're at it, pop over to Jeff Jarvis's BuzzMachine and take the Post-Election Peace Pledge:
After the election results are in, I promise to:
: Support the President, even if I didn't vote for him.
: Criticize the President, even if I did vote for him.
: Uphold standards of civilized discourse in blogs and in media while pushing both to be better.
: Unite as a nation, putting country over party, even as we work together to make America better.

The only thing I have to add is that there should be a separate pledge for Bush and Kerry, in which they should promise that, whoever wins, he won't treat his victory due to 475 Fear Factor addicts who get their news from the Pennysaver and just happen to live in Ohio, rather than a state like New York or California where their votes wouldn't determine an important election as a mandate from the nation to pursue extreme, alienating policies.

Bush, to be an incumbent in this position is truly indicative that you're the most tone-deaf president when it comes to listening to the American public since... well, since your father. If you win, remember that in two consecutive elections half the people have really, really, really, really not wanted you in the Oval Office. Maybe it would be a good idea to listen up.

Kerry; same lesson.

Okay, good luck everyone (except the candidate I'm not voting for.) We'll chat again when this election is decided on, oh, December 22.