Friday, December 03, 2004


So last night yesterday afternoon semi-famous Cleveland blogger Patrick Doyle and I decided to have a drink or two six before meeting up with a few other bloggers (specifically him and him and him and Wayne, who has a blog but I've never seen it, because it's secret) and civilians and bartenders (which, come to think of it, included another blogger: him.)

Anyway, disaster ensued. Not loving me my Rumplemintz this morning.

Better yet, we get to do it all over again tonight, with new special guest stars Karen the Tuna Girl, BoBo the Executive, and Hot Toddy the Toaster Oven (unless he dies in a horrible fiery plane crash, that is. Watch CNN tonight for any applicable confirmation.)

And then we get to do it again on Saturday night, at this:

And then Sunday afternoon he wants to go sing showtunes.

And then...

Oh, lord, it's all becoming too horrible to contemplate.

Pray for us.