Friday, January 21, 2005

Last night, while I was out drinking feeding homeless puppies and recycling, my friend and occassional TRL commenter Greg told me that I had too many links. This, despite my well-publicized pruning that struck the fear of God into my linkees and eliminated, oh, an entire five or six blogs from my sidebar.

You know what? Greg had a good point. So I'm deleting all of 'em!

Ah, who am I kidding? If Greg doesn't link my mountain of links, he can start his own damn blog. Lameass. My new philosophy is that the linky goodness should be spread across the land, for -- like the humble seed strewn to the wind -- Eh. Scrap that. I shouldn't try to do metaphors early on a Friday morning.

Anyway, I'm linking and you're gonna like it. I quietly added a few earlier in the week, and now I'm ending the week with a few more. Welcome back TMFTML (and why didn't anyone tell me that he was back, huh?); and welcome for the first time Almost-As-Famous-As-Me Author Timothy J. Lambert and my drinking buddy puppy-feeding friend Mark, who's just getting into blogging, so be gentle. Also, Mark's ('Zeitzeuge Mark', that is; not 'puppy-feeding Mark') second blog -- Itchycoo Park -- joins the Blogroll of Fame.

There. I think that takes care of business. At least until next week.