Thursday, December 23, 2004

My apartment? Hell no! Why ruin a good thing?

I'm talking about my links. There are too damn many of them... so many that I can't get around to reading a lot of sites that I allegedly 'recommend.'

So next week I'm doing some pruning. Here are my criteria to determine the soon-to-be-banished:

1. If you haven't updated in over a month, yer outta here. Life's too short to waste mouse clicks.

2. If I don't read you regularly anymore, and you don't link to me, yer outta here. Yes, I found you incredibly entertaining at one time, and still do on occasion, but our relationship, one-sided as it was, was probably doomed from the beginning. Just walk away and remember the good times. I'll always think of you...

3. If I read you, you're safe, whether or not you link to me; although, really, what's wrong with me? I mean, did I say or do something inappropriate? If you'd just tell me why you don't link to me, I could get on with my life!

4. If you're an illiterate weenie who embarrasses him- or herself on your blog with inappropriate confessions, stupid opinions, warmed-over Limbaughisms, and/or inane observations you think are insightful, please e-mail me at once! I will not be linking to you, but I will add you to the seven or eight other train wrecks I read on a daily basis, and I promise I'll make fun of you via e-mail.

If you discover next week that I've de-linked you, please don't take it personally. I love all of my links; I'm just tidying up a bit. Mwah!