Friday, March 04, 2005

I was about to give up on the third season of The Apprentice. Like Lost, it had gone off-track, and the nasty queen in me found it severely lacking in entertainment value.

Until last night, when Audrey lost it:
Chris, by no means did I come here for anybody to treat me or to talk to me as though I am a child! I, I am at where I am today because my parents both went to prison! I was left with nothing! My childhood was taken from me- everything was taken from me! I was living out of a car (begins crying). At 17 I had nothing! Nothing at all to my name! Nothing! I am where I'm at today because I have crawled and begged! As a child, girls hated me because I was beautiful! I wanted to scar my face because I was so beautiful! I wanted to be ugly so they wouldn't hate me! I have tried and tried and tried my entire life for people to just to accept me. And by no means is Craig going to sit in the boardroom, or are you going to sit in the boardroom, or John is going to say that I don't pull my weight. I do not fail!
It's a shame that after that tour de force, she got fired anyway. A damned shame. But I'm hooked again, so it's all good.

(Thanks to Gothamist for the transcript, 'cause I was too drunk last night to write down Audrey's metdown)