Friday, February 25, 2005

The Bad News: Sean Hannity's 'Hannidate,' bringing uncoupled Right Wingers together to marry and procreate.

The Good News: very little chance of finding M4M or W4W personals, meaning that we (and by 'we,' I mean people who are like me, but single) will never have to fish in this gene pool.

Other sites have picked off some of the best profiles, but every Hannidate deserves your attention. Especially Chris here, who is one of the few men who doesn't confess to popping wood for Ann Coulter, but probably would if she had 'real estate and stocks.' (Hmmm... come to think about it, Ann Coulter probably does own stocks.)

By the way, this guy has a news flash: Internet dating services are for losers. Now, if I wasn't such a nice guy, I'd insert a few sarcastic 'coughs' here, but I really don't think Arkansas John is a loser.


Oh wait! I guess there are some gay Hannidates! Hot!

UPDATE!! Mangina Dentata (remember him?) is back, and I'm full of joy. Not only that, but MD is going to join Hannidates! Sometimes I really love life!