Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I know. The new title bar is the personification of ego. Nine pictures of me, two of white wine, and one of Manhattan.

That sounds about right.

By the way, if you don't understand the Alice Roosevelt Longworth reference, don't bother me. There are plenty of search engines out there to help you out.

Speaking of 'Mirror, Mirror,' the reference doesn't have to be all about ego. It's also the constant theme of Sondheim's 'Who's That Woman?', from his 1971 masterpiece Follies:
Who's that woman?
I know I know that woman,
So clever, but ever so sad.
Love, she said, was a fad.
The kind of love that she couldn't make fun of
She'd have none of.
Who's that woman.
That cheery, weary woman,
Who's dressing for yet one more spree?
Each day I see her pass
In my looking-glass--
Lord, Lord, Lord, that woman is me!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall,
Who's the saddest gal in town?
Who's been riding for a fall?
Whose Lothario let her down?
Mirror, mirror, answer me:
Who is she who plays the clown?
Is she out each night till three?
Does she laugh with too much glee?
On reflection, she'd agree.
Mirror, mirror,
Mirror, mirror,
Mirror; mirror...

(Update: edited because I decided it was too damn long of an entry.)

Those lyrics don't really describe me. But 'Mirror, Mirror' would still be a cool name for a blog. Just noting for the record.