Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I am not British.

I am not a communist.

I have written two novels.

In short, I am the perfect candidate to have my name grace a reading room in the city of El Segundo, California Public Library. *
Authors Agatha Christie and Jack London will not be honored by having their names on two new reading rooms at the El Segundo (Calif.) Public Library, thanks to the city council’s rejection of the library’s choices. At a March 15 meeting, council members objected to Agatha Christie because she was British and to native Californian Jack London because he was a socialist at one time.
Now to find a writer who will be satisfactory to the city council when they dedicate that second reading room. I'm thinking either Becky or TJ**, because I like the idea of a Kensington Publishing takeover of El Segundo.

* story courtesy of Jesus's General
** freshly-coined and almost certainly unwanted nickname courtesy of me